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Holiday and Christmas Card Etiquette

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

It’s that time of year for sending and receiving holiday cards! But what do they have to say about the sender? A lot! Before you choose your cards, consider what your cards are saying about you. After all, etiquette is about bringing people together. So, let’s go over some quick etiquette tips to help you.


1. Intentions matter. Think about what kind of message you are trying to communicate before you send holiday cards. Do you want the recipient to feel joy? Would you like to renew relationships? Or do you want your recipient to just know where you went on vacation? What do you want these holiday greetings to really say about you?

Your holiday cards are an opportunity for you to show appreciation for the time and generosity of your friends and family. The holiday season is an ideal time to remind those you care about of what you love most about your relationship. Consider your intentions of your messages before you buy, design, or sign your cards.

2. Separate professional and personal greetings. All cards sent to professional contacts or colleagues should use neutral, non-religious language. Keep correspondence professional yet warm and personal without the use of words like “love.” This is a joyful time to send well wishes and authentically share your joy and gratitude with others.

3. Edit the card list every year. You can send cards to anyone, but you don't have to send them to everyone. If you lose contact information or don't remember their current address, it's okay to remove someone from your list. Additionally, if you never receive a card from someone on your list, it’s considered okay to remove them for your list as well.

4. A Christmas card isn’t complete without a handwritten signature. By signing each card, you may give it a unique and personalized touch. It's even better if you personalize your message to each recipient. (If you don't like your handwriting, you can change that!) You can also have each member of your family sign their name in their individual handwriting when sending a greeting to a close relative or friend. Encourage your kids to doodle something meaningful to them next to their name as well!

5. Stuff appropriately. When stuffing your holiday envelope, the front of your card should face the side of the envelope that has a flap or seal. This way, when your recipient opens your envelope, the front of the card will be naturally facing them.

6. Bonus Tip: The first week of December is the optimum time to mail out all of your Christmas and Holiday cards (or earlier if you can do it). Thus, your receivers will have at least two weeks to enjoy and display your cards as they wait for Christmas to arrive. Aim to mail your cards by December 12 at the latest.

Above all, have fun as you write your own holiday cards. Make it a festive holiday experience. Play holiday music, enjoy seasonal cookies or cocktails, or throw a card-writing party with your friends. More importantly, however, use this opportunity to connect with the important people in your lives.

Warmest wishes,


P.S. Not sure how to sign a Business, Holiday, or Christmas Card? View this post by Shutterfly for tips.


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