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Build Your Own Calligraphy Kit!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Due to overwhelming questions about where one should start on a calligraphy journey, I have assembled a list of my favorite tools, books, pens, nibs, and most importantly, my doodling playlists. You can build your own calligraphy kit with superior materials for less money than the "kits" that are sold by a third party. Save that extra money and splurge on some really awesome inks or watercolors!

Calligraphy Supplies - Oblique pens, Nibs, Scissors, Hand-dyed silk ribbon


You can get most of everything you'd need (and more if you become a calligraphy addict, which you probably will) from these two fine suppliers: Paper and Ink Arts and John Neal Books.

Favorite Tools

Rhodia Pads (I use No. 18)

HP Premium Choice Laser Jet Paper (This is great practice paper!)

Light Pad (You can get one on Amazon, and there are many brands to choose from.)

Handmade Oblique Pens by RodgersPenBox Oblique pen holder that fits a few nibs


An Elegant Hand

Mastering Copperplate

Speedball Textbook

Zanerian Manual of Alphabets & Engrossing


I've also compiled a Pinterest board of them for you.


Finetec Watercolors / Coliro Watercolors


Moon Palace Sumi Ink (This is great for practice!)

PearlEx pigments (You'll have to mix Gum Arabic and water to create your own ink.)

Nibs Generally, I have a robust collection of nibs because different projects will require different nibs. I recommend trying the Nikko G, Zebra G, or the Gillott 404 if you're just beginning. Every calligrapher has different preferences. Try as many as you can to see what works with you. My personal favorites are the Hunt 101 and the vintage Blanzy 2552. I love the Nikko G for calligraphic drawing.

Nibs - Brause, Hunt101, Blanzy 2552

And finally:

Here is my Doodling Playlist on Spotify.


I hope you enjoy your calligraphy journey!

Warmly, Serena

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