Behind the Scenes with "Luke 12:32"

Behind the Scenes of "Luke 12:32"

Overall, this project took 10 hours to create. For those interested in giving it a try, here's what you can do:

Step 1: Work on your lettering or calligraphy. Sketch directly onto the wood you're using or use an application like Photoshop. I personally prefer lettering with the iPadPro using the Procreate App and the Apple Pencil. Once I finish my work, I import it into Photoshop to correct the canvas size and spacing. Step 2: If you printed your work, transfer it to the wood. You can use transfer sheets or graphite on the backside. Trace your letters to transfer. Step 3: Start burning. I try to make every stroke a downstroke so that my pressure is even throughout.This will require you to rotate your board quite often. Step 4: Clean up the edges of your lettering. Step 5: Celebrate!

Share your experience below! Music by: Foniqz / Black Lantern Music / London Song: Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)


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