Reception Calligraphy

Place cards / Escort Boards / Signage

Escort Cards on paper: $3.00 each 

Place Cards on paper: $2.00 each

Escort or Place Cards on non-traditional materials: Price will vary
Escort Boards / Signage: Price will vary depending on materials required

Production Schedule

The schedule can book up months in advance. In order to maintain an efficient production schedule and provide an accurate timeline for you, your Client Summary Form needs to be submitted for proper time estimation and management. Email us your Client Summary Form as soon as possible to secure your time in the production schedule. Keep in mind that if you choose to confirm at a later date, the time slot may no longer be available. 

Deposit & Payment Schedule

Your order is not confirmed or reserved in the schedule until your completed order, payment information, and a non-refundable deposit have been received and processed. 

Turnaround & Rush Orders

Standard turnaround time during peak season is 3-4 weeks and about 2 weeks during off-season. There is a 20% additional charge for rush orders. A 'rush order' is not actually rushed. It is an order that is placed ahead in the schedule. Please know there is not a refund on rush charges.

Textured Materials

Writing on leaves, seashells, oyster shells, or any non-traditional material requires more time, tools,  and planning. Please inquire about your specific project.

Ink Colors

There is a $25 flat-rate mixing fee to apply a custom ink color on paper products. Please inquire if you plan to use non-traditional materials as this will change the inks/tools used.

Shipping ~ Due Dates ~ Corrections

Keep in mind that work cannot begin until the lists, materials, and payment information are received. Your completed order will be shipped via UPS or FedEx. Review your order within 48 hours upon receipt. Email a list of corrections within 48 hours of receiving your order. Corrected materials will be sent back to you within 3-5 business days.

Place Card Template


Take advantage of the Excel Address Template. Please notice that there are three tabs at the bottom of the worksheet. Download Excel Template. Once you have filled out your template, please proof-read it for all errors. Make sure you list the names exactly as you want them to appear. Email your final list to

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