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Be kind. Don't steal. © Calligraphy by Serena — Orlando, Florida — |  321-297-4802

Wedding Calligraphy | Envelope Calligraphy | Reception Calligraphy

Calligraphy by Serena, wedding calligraphy


  • Born: Savannah, GA; Lives and works in Orlando, FL

  • Loves: music, composition, dance, yoga, and calligraphy

  • Favorite Calli Style: Copperplate

  • Most frequent rule broken:
    My natural handwriting is in all caps.

  • Favorite inks: Old World Ink (iron gall), Finetec, PearlEx, gouache, Moon Palace Sumi Ink

  • Favorite pen: Rodger Mayeda makes my favorite pen. It’s hand-made of red tulipwood from Brazil and custom fits my favorite nib, the Hunt 101.

  • Member: Scribes of Central Florida  / IAMPETH
    (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting)


Mission Statement:

To inspire and motivate others to learn the calligraphic arts

To help others make their most important life events more magical

Personal Board of Directors: They are not only great professionals, but these folks are incredible human beings!

Jeff Matz of Lure Design

Stephanie of Stephanie Nicole Photography

On Instagram?  Find me here @free_inker


Hello! I’m Serena.
Doodler by day, scribbler by night.


Growing up, I was always given blank paper and crayons. No lines. No coloring books. I was given the gift of creativity and imagination without limits, which inspired me to become a serious alphabet doodler. My passion didn’t stop there. 


When I was nine, I begged for piano lessons, and when my parents obliged,
I embraced it. I was that weird kid who actually loved practicing. It wasn’t long before dance captured my affections, too. My commitment to the piano was fierce, but dancing competitively inspired my work ethic further. In the face of tortured muscles and patience, I practiced with clear intention, unwavering commitment, and faith. 


You could call it optimistic perseverance, or simply naiveté, but whatever you call it, that elbow grease helped me earn scholarships and two degrees: one in Advertising & Public Relations from the University of Central Florida and a degree in Music/Piano Performance from Rollins College. I was also honored to work as a professional dancer for the Walt Disney Company while in college.


To this day, I still practice all things with clear intention, unwavering commitment, and faith. With that said, my grand, audacious goal is to share that energy and light through my calligraphy work. Being born in Savannah, Georgia comes with rooted cultural etiquette, which always includes hand-written correspondence (my favorite). Pointed pen calligraphy requires the same patience and perseverance as the other art forms that I’ve studied. This, I love. I’m fortunate that my life experience, education, and passions have all brought me here to help add a little light, sparkle, and charm to you!  


Get in touch, and let's discuss how I may contribute to your dearest and most important life events!